Monday, October 5, 2015

Hombuying Starting Out #2

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

6 Plumbing Maintenance Checks

Please check out!!!

Don't let that minor leak become a flood!

Unattended repairs always cost much more than the cost of repairing the original problem.  I am sure you know of a friend or co-worker that lost the 1st and 2nd floor of a home due to the water heater leaking/bursting while they were away at work or on vacation.  They come home to a few inches of water on the first floor with everything ruined.

A simple routine maintenance check would have prevented the damage.  Thus the cost of the HVAC/plumber visit would be a great savings.

The repairs noted here are no different.  May you save lots of money and headaches!!

6 Plumbing Maintenance Checks

Monday, June 22, 2015

Chesapeake Real Estate: Plants to Avoid

I know it is hard to believe.  Plants that you don’t want in your yard or home.  Most of us believe “green is beautiful”.  Thus, a healthy triving plant is sought especially if shade and/or beautiful flowers are in the offering also.

Yet, as noted in the HouseLogic post linked below, there are some plants that can be quite invasive and quite readily be a nuisance no matter how much you or I share a “green is beautiful” philosophy.

Read and be ware:  Invasive Plants to Avoid

Chesapeake Real Estate: Plants to Avoid

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chesapeake Real Estate: DIY Garden Projects

12 Great DIY Projects for the Garden

12 diy gardening tips

Summer is here and it’s time to spend some quality time in your yards. If you need to spruce up your garden we’ve gathered some great tips from one of our favorite social sites – Pinterest! The Rose & Womble Pinterest page is chock full of great tips and tricks for all aspects of home ownership – especially for the garden.

1. Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are ideal for vegetables and flowers because they keep pathway weeds from your garden soil and provide good drainage. Plus the bed acts as a barrier to pests like snails and slugs. This tutorial is and she was able to gather the materials for $35.

Rasied Bed Tutorial for Gardens Rose & Womble Realty Company


2. DIY Rain Barrel has a great tutorial for making your own rain barrel. Rain barrels are great for avid gardeners because they collect the water from your roof. Often you want a rain barrel that has a screen filter to keep debris and bugs out. This tutorial teaches you how to add a spigot to easily fill watering cans. Collecting rain water lowers your utility bills and helps to slow runoff.

Rain Barrell Rose & Womble Realty Company

3. DIY Compost Bin

Composting is really good for the garden because it saves water by helping the soil hold moisture and you’re recycling organic resources while conserving landfill space. Plus it increases healthy roots and lightens heavy clay soils. Making your own compost is easy when you have the right bin.

Compost DIY tutorial Rose & Womble

4. Concrete Mushrooms

These are adorable garden ornaments that if you purchased at a home and garden store could be very expensive. Try this tutorial and you can customize the colors and size, and save a few bucks.

Cement Mushroom DIY Rose and Womble Realty Company

5. Rainbow Garden Markers

Ridiculously easy project to add color to your garden and help you tell the difference between your is a great resource for tons of home and garden DIY projects.

Rainbow garden markers DIY Rose and Womble Realty Company

6. DIY Stepping Stones

According to these stepping stones are easy and great as wedding favors – don’t wait for a wedding make some for your garden! All you need is a non-stick cake pan and a few other supplies.

How-to-make-stepping-stones Rose & Womble Realty

7. Garden Globes

Globes are a popular project on Pinterest because they seem easy to make – many tutorials use old bowling balls but this tutorial from uses old light fixtures with great results.

Garden globes rose and womble realty company

8. Gravel Path

This is a great look for a more casual garden – plus a path hopefully encourages kids and pets from staying out of your flower beds.

How to create a gravel path. Rose & Womble Realty Company

9. DIY Hose Holder

The garden hose is a necessary tool but it can get in the way and become an eyesore if you don’t have a great place to store it. We love this idea from for an elegant holder for your hose.

Garden hose holder rose and

10. Contemporary Water Feature

Adding a water feature to your garden can be awesome, but typically really expensive. Unless you make one using a giant Tupperware container and solar water pump. The is a fantastic site and this water feature for less than $30 is awesome.

water feature for 30 bucks

11. Pallet Gardening Table

This is one of those projects that makes you think, “why didn’t I come up with this?” This “recycle” project takes pallets, attaches them to a wall – and becomes a fold-up table for gardening or a party. This will save you stooping over the ground. So great for working with gardening pots and smaller flowers.

pallet table rose and womble

12. Garden Lantern

Take yarn and white glue and you get these great garden lanterns. According to, this project is super messy but turns out great. You can customize this project with different color yarn and colored lights.

yarn lantern rose and womble

Chesapeake Real Estate: DIY Garden Projects

Friday, June 19, 2015

Don't say its so....1970's Deco back??

Personally I am so disappointed to think the 70’s decor is coming back.  I don’t know if I can deal with orange carpets and green wall paper again.


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Is 1970s Retro Decorating In Again?


While many of us cringe at the thought of returning to disco style and ’70s decor, professional decorators are embracing it and reviving it with some fun 21st-century improvements. Others believe that the 1970s were raw and real, unlike the showplaces of the 1950s. Let’s look at a few ways you can use an updated 1970s look at home.

Decorate with wood. Do you remember that dark wood paneling that lined the walls of every self-respecting 1970s living space? While you don’t want to re-create this look exactly, using wood in your house will pay homage to the style. Installing reclaimed wood on the walls is a popular trend right now and pairing it with ’70s design can be a great modern twist on the style.

  • Use color. For a 21st-century take on 1970s style, don’t feel confined to the exact shades of gold, orange and green that were popular in that decade. Paint colors have come a long way and you can find hundreds of shades of these tones that will match your modern but ’70s-inspired rooms. Current shades of brown, gold and orange are all great choices. For some added pop, pair orange with turquoise, sage green or bright yellow.

  • Choose graphic art. Because 1970s design is so popular right now, you don’t have to go far to find ’70s-inspired fabrics and accessories. Patterns in the 1970s focused on geometric designs, usually in the signature colors of the era. Owls and mushrooms were also common. You don’t have to settle for an entirely throwback design, as these items are being made new again.

  • Mix vintage with new. However, there is some joy in finding great vintage pieces to incorporate into your design. These can be small accessories, like kitchen items, or a featured chair. Using your local antique stores, your parents’ basement and eBay you can find a few great accessories that will fit in with your 1970s-inspired 21st-century home.

Do you love the art and style of the 1970s? Everything old is new again, so don’t be afraid to bring back your favorite designs!

Don't say its so....1970's Deco back??