Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What Good Movies Have You Seen??

Oh, there are so many flicks that I would love to see....was your summer so busy that a few had to be left to DVD or Netflix download? Unfortunately, mine was so busy with helping buyers and sellers that I seldom got to the movies.

Yet, the Labor Day weekend provided time to see "Bourne Ultimatum"
Anyone familiar with this series of movies knows this is the third in the series. Normally a formula for a destructive rendition of the original we all loved(seen the latest Pirates of the Caribbean...exactly!)

But with Bourne it is different. You HAVE TO watch "Bourne Identity" and "Bourne Supremacy" to understand what Jason Bourne is up to. Though he is the "professional hitman" with secret covert government training, you find a character that you grows and changes as the series continues.

The movies has action aplenty with wild chase scenes, brutal hand to hand combat and uncanny tension. Yet, it see Bourne learn finally who he is and why he is. In addition, we learn how deep the "govt. scandal" goes(a favorite evil for action films).

This is the type of action movie that the guys like to watch but can hook any lady that loves a great story.

Love to hear your thoughts on the movie or your favorite of the summer.
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