Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's Happening in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Beyond

Oh but for the news channels where would we be???

Did you hear the latest??? Foreclosures are up 100% over last year on a year-to-date basis.

This is very scary news(thought Halloween was over?)

But unfortunately it is only really scary to homeowners is very specific areas of the country. Last night on World News, Charlie finally had his support staff provide facts that again show the foreclosure problem is concentrated heavily in California(7 metro areas), Florida(5 metro areas) and Ohio(5 metro areas).

What wasn't discussed was that Hampton Roads(Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk and Virginia Beach is the 8th Best Real Estate Market. Though we never spiked like the California or Florida markets, we also are collapsing either.

Thus if you are buying in Hampton Roads, you have lots of selection of great homes. Mortgage rates remain excellent, outstanding, wonderful(you pick the term you like best). Don't miss out while the getting is good.

If you are looking to sell or just even fear your adjustable rate will jump at the first of the year and you wonder if you should sell, breathe easy. You only need more patience as the buyer has lots to look over AND your home must sparkle to capture the buyer.

If your thinking of selling, even next Spring, time to get busy so that you won't lose out on selling for the best possible price in the 8th best market. Hurrah

Want to know more about the Foreclosure mess and what markets are being hit???

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