Monday, December 3, 2007

1st Time Homebuyers

Christmas is just around the corner. I hope all will celebrate this wonderful time of year with all their friends and family. Don't forget to attend services at your church or synagogue.

It is also the time of year that many renters start considering the options for financing that first home. Though many 1st time buyers believe that it is impossible for them to buy as they have never owned a home, this is so untrue.

There are avenues of information and help in many forms. The 1st time home buyer can attend a Home Information Seminar to learn about the purchase contract and process, the mortgage loan process, home inspections, other inspections and the settlement process. This buyer would typically find such seminars focused on the 1st time home buyer. Yet, better for this buyer is a Home Information Seminar that directly addresses the topics noted above but also provides a broader market analysis that current home owners or investors will find valuable.

You can locate such a seminar via the net, the local paper or by contacting a Realtor. Those individuals seeking one in the Virginia Beach and Chesapeake area can look for such a seminar on January 15, 2007.

Another great information source for 1st time Home Buyers are state-sponsored education and loan programs. A number of states require a 1st time buyer to attend mandatory education program to attain the special financing options and programs that arise from time to time.

In Virginia, the Virginia Housing Development Authority(VHDA) requires such mandatory education...but it is easy to attain and great for the buyer.

To learn more about the VHDA home loan programs, go to

To learn more about other state programs, simply google: "state" 1st time buyer programs. You normally find the state sponsored program as the top hit but occasionally it will be a bit lower. You will know you have accessed the state program as it will be clearly identified.

Questions...let me know.

So 1st time is your time to enter the market armed with information and the loan that works for you.

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