Monday, February 22, 2010

Always Good to Know Who You are Working With

I just recently received some information that may you reconsider your choices on the Southside.

The Power of  Our Rose & Womble Brand,

Team Work and

YOUR Individual Achievement...

Below are some 2009 Highlights/Facts you should know.

All are according to December's REIN Standings SOUTHSIDE HAMPTON ROADS SETTLED SALES Report.

• Rose & Womble Realty (You) finished in the

#1 Sales and Market Share Position in 2009

$62 Million in sales ahead of the # 2 Competitor.

• William E. Wood Operates 16 offices on the Southside of Hampton Roads.

Rose and Womble operates 9.

• With SEVEN fewer offices, You & your

Rose & Family Outperformed Wood by

$62,905,425 (Almost $63 MILLION) on the Southside in 2009. That's an Additional $12,000,000 above what you beat them by in 2008!

• Prudential Towne became the combination of two Companies in 2009 and with all of GSH and Prudential combined they still lost an additional 15.2% of market share and had a sales decline of $167,101,217. Wow, that's a $167 Million slide in one year by TWO Companies! You outperformed Prudential Towne by $344,064,777 in 2009 (Southside).

• Long & Foster suffered a 5% slide, losing ground by $25,271,983 2008 vs. 2009.You out performed Long & Foster by $472,024,002 in 2009 (Southside).

• REMAX suffered a 12.4% Slide in Market Share and a loss of 18% in Sales for a loss of $74,380,408 in 2009. You outperformed REMAX by $647,018,342 in 2009 (Southside).

• Coldwell Banker Pro suffered a 21.73% Decline in Sales in 2009 for a loss of $57,389,066. You outperformed Coldwell Banker Pro by $781,361,813 in 2009 (Southside). That spread is 3/4 of a BILLION in sales!

• EXIT and Keller Williams did not even rank in the Top 10, some of their offices do not report their Sales to REIN. WONDER WHY???

REIN is the sole source of factual data on sales activity in Hampton Roads.

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