Thursday, February 11, 2010

What are We to Think??

What are we to think??

I have had that question posed to me so often in the last few months.   I have heard this posed regarding the Health Care debate, Obama's job performance, Republican "sticking it to the Democrats" and the financial markets.  For some who will read this blog will add health issues of family members,  foreclosures faced and bankruptcy and so much more.  Then there are the social issues that tear families, churches and at times this country apart: gay marriage, abortion, and morals in general.

Obviously, like everyone, I have my views on all these topics but might find arguments from someone.
Yet, so often is less about what we think and more about what we know/believe.  Also, it can depend on our willingness and ability to seek good counsel. 

Do you have friends or family that you can discuss these type of topics???   IF you find yourself speaking 80% of the time or a friend, then you aren't having a discussion.  Though you and I may strongly disagree on a given topic, we must be willing to hear each other and not interrupt one another until we said our peace.
And each of us should respond politely with any counterpoints that we might have.  Then we should willingly agree to research the topic throughly if either of us just can't see the other person's side.  But, if at the beginning of the discussion, you or your "opponent" is not ready for the discussion, emotionally, with information, or the time, IT MUST BE POSTPONED.  (Oh, if our members of Congress would address Healthcare and other topics in this matter.  Without doubt, all bills would take longer to get through Congress!!!!!)

But, in the end, if you can say that you have a set of good counselors to shift through the challenging topics of life, you are a blessed individual.  You will grow beyond your wildest imagination.  And you will be overwrought at times with the veracity of the argument that disagrees with your position, knowing that you will have to live uncomfortably with knawing in your stomach.

In my humble opinion, each party/counselor must ensure they are spiritually grounded.  For me, it will be taking time in prayer to seek guidance for the discussion, patience in the discussion and direction on altering a positon or means to persuade and to seek scriptual understanding.   I know God understands us and our dilemna(s) and is in control.  Not everyone will agree.  Unfortunately, going into these difficult discussions without God  is like driving down a winding mountain road with sheer dropoffs and no brakes.

So be careful but don't shy away from discussing the topics that make people think.  Be Brave.

Have input?  Questions?   Examples of discussions that you have had...success or failures
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