Saturday, April 24, 2010

Farewell to Homebuying Tax Credits

Perhaps we should play a solemn rendition of Taps.  Maybe having a going away party complete with
black draped tables and Mud in Your Eye drinks.


                                             OVER TAX CREDITS!!!

Yes, the $8000 1st Time Home Owner and $6500 Repeat Buyer Tax Credits are a very, very good thing.
I had numerous buyers and sellers that benefitted from this goverment program design to pump up the housing market.   

                    BUT ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END!!   RIGHT???

Sure...yet we have so much in our favor right now....yes in our favor. 
          Job reports improving
                              Interest Rates remain abnormally low
                                                     Housing prices have stabilize/bottom out
                                                                             Housing prices in almost all markets are at 2000 levels
                             Stock Market(a leading indicator) is over 11000...up from high 7s
                                                     Houses Sales in March were up 27% in March
                                                                              Most Companies are reporting improved earnings
                                                                                                     Banks have returned to Finacial Health

Thus,  get out this week, find your dream home and get the contract ratified before April 30th with a closing date prior to June 30th.   If your selling, be smart and negotiable if one the able, ready buyers put a contract in on your house....don't lose them!!!

But if you aren't ready to lock in on a home this week or don't get a contract on your listed home,
                                                       DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!

Homes will continue to sell!!!!   Have faith in the process!!! 

        You will find the right home at a great price if you stay on track!!!
                                  You will sell your home as buyers can get loans, have jobs and need a new home
                                                               for a hundred different reasons.

Complain, comment, or agree....let me know you questions!!!
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