Monday, April 5, 2010

How to get Ready to Sell Today??

Whether you have a lovely upscaled home   

Or if your home is not quite the prettiest in town

You make the difference!!! 

    Look at your house like the BUYER looks at the house:
                          What is most attractive about the house?
                          What is least attractive about the house?
                          What major repairs are needed?
                          What minor repairs?
                          What needs to be painted?
                          Does the house look sharp from the street(Great Curb Appeal???)
                          What would your mother-in-law say about the tidiness/general upkeep of the house?

These are great starting questions.   You want to accent the most attractive and make those least attractive part s of the house shine the best they can....might mean taking out furniture or repainting a room or may
be part of the major or minor repairs.

Struggle with looking at your home objectively????  Professional Stagers and Realtors are excellent resources to help you prepare your house for sale.

           It today's market it is essential to put your best foot forward to each and every buyer.

                            Now is the time to get ready!!!   The selling season has begun!!

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