Thursday, January 31, 2013

Buyer Compromises

NAR--National Association of Realtors--just conducted a survey of buyers on common compromises made when 
                                      searching for a home.

I would be real curious to get your impression of the compromises
Comment and let me know.

According to the NAR study, here are the most likely areas your buyers will compromise and to what degree they will do so.
  • Price of home (18 percent)
  • Size of home (16 percent)
  • Condition of home (16 percent)
  • Lot size (13 percent)
  • Style of home (12 percent)
  • Distance from job (12 percent)
  • Distance from friend or family (6 percent)
  • Quality of the neighborhood (5 percent)
  • Quality of the schools (3 percent)
  • Distance from schools (2 percent)
  • None -- made no compromises (37 percent)
  • Other compromises not listed (8 percent)
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