Monday, April 22, 2013

Credit Score Counts

Something to always be on top of!!   Don't ever lose track of your credit score as it impact your insurance costs, job applications as well as loans and more than we ever think about.

This article on a bill winding way through Congress to ensure a total credit report.   You may have heard about the over 40% of credit reports that have issues noted that many people may not even be aware are on their credit report. The borrower usually finds out when looking to buy furniture, house or car.

Read and be aware!


Topic Summary: Consumer Groups and Congress are advocating for consumers to receive a free credit scoreonce per year. Also we review a popular credit checking site that we feel is worthy and gets "two thumbs up".

On March 6, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and Representative Steve Cohen (TN) introduced legislation in theHouse and Senate, called the  Fair Access to Credit Scores Act. If passed the Act would that require credit reporting bureaus provide consumers with a free credit score. There are several companies out there that will provide you a credit score for a fee or with some sort of annual membership. There is much confusion in the credit reporting industry due to the different types of credit scores that are available for credit grantors to use. So if given a credit score, a consumer could not be 100% assured that it is the same one that a credit card company would have or a mortgage company would use.
Recently, the Consumer Finance Protection Board released a study HERE that indicated major discrepancies are possible when consumers are given one score and a credit grantor has another they use to determine credit worthiness.  In up to 24% of the cases, the agency found, a consumer might see a score that was one tier off from what a lender would see. That means a consumer could see a score in the "excellent" range of 740-plus, while a lender saw only a "good" score in the 680-740 range, or vice versa. In as many as 3% of cases, the scores varied wildly. Be aware of this confusion when seeking credit.
Let's hope Congress clears up this mess.

 Web Site Review: Credit Reporting and Monitoring.   This site is getting rave reviews for being easy to use and free. There are some ads that come with the service but generally they are not intrusive. Once you register, CreditKarma goes to work monitoring your balances, payments and any warnings are given to you by email.


Get Your Free Credit Score

Credit Karma believes that every consumer has a right to access their scores. You'll get four credit scores along with free credit tools to help you better understand what a good credit score is. Even better, you'll receive your free credit score without a credit card.
Get Your Free Credit Report Card
The totally free Credit Report Card is an easy-to-understand summary ofyour credit report details. Use the Credit Report Card to gain a better understanding of your credit history and how it impacts your credit health.

Enroll in Free Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring can help prevent identity theft and inaccurate information from appearing on your credit report. You'll receive an email when something important changes in your credit report.
Gain Insight into Your Credit Report
Along with your free score, you'll see important details of your credit report for free. In addition to your free Credit Report Card, you can view the details on your individual credit cards, mortgages, auto loans and personal loans. You can use this section to spot any fraudulent or mistaken accounts on your credit report, maintain a record of your reported balance history, keep tabs on your credit card utilization rate, and receive recommendations for new loans and credit cards.

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