Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Short Sale: Fear or Plunder?

Short Sale

          Like a storm rolling in

With the uncertainties of:

   *   Home bought "As Is"

   *   Earnest Money tied up for months 

   *   Home Inspection...with NO  REPAIRS

   *   Waiting 3 month or maybe 6 months for Bank Approval

   *   Unable to purchase with contingency of selling the your
            present home

   *   Missing a better home while waiting for Bank Approval


         The Short Sale could be paradise


           *    Best Value in Neighborhood--Lots of Equity!!!

           *    Knowledge of Short Sale Process opens
                   up options on selling present home

           *    Hunting for more homes will waiting on bank
                    and KNOWING you can get the house YOU

           *    Depositing Earnest Money WHEN Bank Approval
                    is received

Knowledge of the process is key!!  A Realtor experienced with
Short Sales and Foreclosures may not be able to make it a day at the beach.  But the storm clouds won't be as ominious!!!

HAVE NO FEAR!!!!     

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