Sunday, June 16, 2013

Will Higher Rates Hurt Market? Fannie Mae says NO

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Does that make any sense??

      Higher Interest rates won't hurt housing 

You begin to read the Fannie Mae article and might wonder who had a drink too many before writing.  

Yet, Fannie Mae is correct.  The slightly higher interest rates won't hurt the recovery because:
    1.  Buyers realize that can't wait for "rates to
            go down"
    2.  Decrease in distressed homes raises 
             values and move buyers to buy before 
             values rise more.
    3.  Housing shortage causes fewer 
             selections for a buyer as homes
             sell faster than they come on the 
    4.   Home sellers waiting to sell will see
              items 1-3 reported in the news
              or in a blog(like this)

And the market will keep improving.

Read for your self below!         

Fannie Mae Says Higher Rates No Problem
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