Friday, July 12, 2013

Timely Housing Questiona and Answers for a Home Owner

Courtesy of Al Clark's Newsletter.

For the rest of the summer we are going to feature answers to some of our reader's questions that are tied into situations they are going through. For the answers we are taking you to a reliable source.

Q.  I have been to some back-yard parties recently and I am starting to see a lot of custom designed driveway and sidewalks that have images and textures. How do they do that?

A. The process is called Stamped Concrete. It can be a DIY project if you have the skills. To see what's new and the costs, click into this reference from House Logic

Q.  We may be renting a home for 2-3 weeks this summer and I am wondering about insurance issues. Am I  protected with my regular homeowners policy?

A. The answer is yes and no!  To clarify what incidents you are covered for and not, you can check out this resource form the Insurance Information Institute

Q. I am committed to going green to the degree I can. I am looking for some good websites to help me out. Any ideas ?
A. When it comes to "going green" we always reach out  This site not only provides info about green issues in your home but has resources for small businesses too.  Make sure you sign up for their newsletter!

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