Sunday, July 14, 2013

What to Seek In Your Next Realtor

In purchasing or selling real estate, selecting a Realtor is a key consideration.   Like choosing an attorney, financial planner or a doctor, you must choose carefully as you must trust the advice provided in the same way as you would in these other professions.

Frequently, the home purchase or sale is the largest financial transaction(s) in a person's life time.   Thus, good counsel is essential.

So how to choose a Realtor??

Experience, Availability, Personality and Knowledge are key factors.

Experience counts!!   Though a new agent may have a good working knowledge of a contract, the experienced agent should know means to leverage the terms of the contract to his/her clients advantage.  In addition, experience brings a broader knowledge of the home values, historical and present, negotiating savvy and vetted marketing strategies.

I must note these factors should be self-evident in talking with an experienced Realtor in the Realtor responses to questions and description of experiences.  IF YOU AREN'T COMFORTABLE THAT THE AGENT HAS THE EXPERIENCE NEEDED, HE/SHE MAY LACK THE EXPERIENCE.

Availability may seem a mute topic.  Yet, even the best Realtor in town can be too busy at a given time to help you.   It is so true that if you want something done, ask someone that is busy.  

As you speak with the Experienced Realtor, inquire about their availability on week you plan to come in town to tour homes or the weekend that you want to list your home.  A truly good Realtor will always discuss availability openly to ensure your needs are met!!

Personality can not be ignored.  Though Realtors like me believe we can work with anyone as we just love to help, you, as buyer or seller, must be comfortable with me or any Realtor that you are considering.  IF the agent wasn't as outgoing as you would like or has failed to respond to texts as quickly as you will expect or some other such attribute that "bugs' you,  you should seek to talk to another agent.

Knowledge should be self-evident from the moment that you start speaking about the house you seek or the home you need to sell.
If BUYING, does the Realtor ask specific questions to qualify the type of house you seek?  Or notes the rarity or the ease of finding the house that you seek?   Or brings up other buyers helped finding the same king of house. Such actions shows knowledge of what needs to be know to find the right house...but it will go much deeper as the transaction progress to knowing the best way to negotiate for the best deal, in handling home inspection and handling issues to ensure you close on time with little headache.  

If SELLING, does the Realtor bring extensive market related data that shows in depth knowledge of the specific neighborhood and the broader market?   Do they quickly recognize both good aspects of your home and those aspects needing work with a value based input on these aspects of your home?  Does he/she know how he/she will market your home and why he/she do it that way?

Knowledge will show itself quickly or it is absent.


Referrals get you a known successful Realtor.  I know I appreciate every referral I get!!  It validates that I am what a buyer or seller seeks.

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