Thursday, August 15, 2013

If only all yards were flat and square or rectangle with just the right soil to make the lawn green and lush with flower beds and bushes bursting with color and vitality.

But lets get real, hardly ever does a beautiful, well maintained yard come easy.  It takes work and creativity to make the neighbors envious of one's yard.

Yet those with the greatest challenge are home owners with slopes and darn right hills in the front, side or back yards.  Nothing wants to grow there as the land is pretty barren as the top soil tends to run off with the rain.  Grass struggles to survive and plantings look rather sickly.

At times, we drive by or walk the neighborhood and see a lovely sloped yard, wondering how they managed it.  Well, some of the secrets are shown below.

Homes & Garden has prepped these projects to inspire you to over come "the slope" in your yard.

 Click, read, learn and go do!!!   To the best that your and my yard can be!!!!

Walk in the Woods
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