Friday, September 6, 2013

Buyer Beware: Hidden Costs

It never stops!!  Information on "illegal fees added to our accoungs" due to "unscrupulous billing practices".  

        Will the Madness ever STOP!!!!


Topic Summary: Grey Charges-Not Black and White

Grey Charges are the deceptive and sometimes illegal fees that added to our accounts, resulting from unscrupulous billing practices. You may notice these grey charges as automatic renewals of subscriptions you thought were free. Or you may just see a charge for $2.95 and not refute it with your card company. There is an excellent Info Graphic concerning these charges HERE and what follows is a free crowd-sourcing service that can help you fight back.

Bill Guard ( is a free consumer service and "app" that aggregates experiences of its online users and those who post online complaints.(see media coverage)  So in essence users of the service share their stories of overcharges, hidden fees and outright fraud. Many fraudulent operators try to slide small charges on our bills and Credit cards thinking that we will not haggle or research the charges. When this happens the Bill Guard service will alert you of scams they have seen and the members have seen.  Bill Guard alerts you whenever a charge on your bill is flagged by anyone else, that had a unwanted charge on theirs. Click on the video that explains the entire process in under two minutes

The process works once you register your creditor debit cards into the service. Today. debit carduse is growing and we use our debit cards for small purchases on a regular basis. Its easy to have 100 debit card transactions every month and making sure they are all valid is a tough job.

Bill Guard scans your card activity daily for hidden charges, billing errors, forgotten subscriptions, scams and fraud, The system alerts you via email when your attention is required. So if a consumer in California got a mysterious charge for a magazine subscription, that ripoff is then submitted to the system and all Bill Guard users benefit from this "shared experience".

Each new transaction is analyzed by over 100 automated tests. Bill Guard also scours the web for complaints posted by others about similar charges and merchants that may appear on your bills. The service has garnered a lot of venture capital and has won several awards

A scan report is emailed  monthly, providing a quick overview of Bill Guard's findings and an indication of how clean your cards are. Alerts are emailed immediately giving you an early warning sign of potential fraud.

Bill Guard was designed by financial security experts. They are very proactive about  their data security  and their Privacy Policy

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Courtesy:  Al Clark Newsletter

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