Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SOLD...Is The Only Word that Counts


          Under Contract


These are the only words that matter to a Home Seller.  Yet, the only word that really counts in "Sold".

With the improving real estate market, home buyers truly hope that home owners will be come home sellers in 2014.  The Housing Shortage has continue all through 2013.    Perhaps, home owners didn't believe "Sold" was a true possibility and still walking away with a couple of dollars in their pocket.

In most cases it was in 2013!!  

A truth proven again and again, five factors are common to ensure a home sells.

   *  Knowledge of ever changing Real Estate Market

   *  Competitive pricing

   *  Compelling Offline and Online Marketing 

   *  Large Buyer Bank

   *  Realtor Network

   National Stats, as well as local realities, are that listing with a Realtor nets Sellers about 16% more than if they go it alone.
Imagine selling a $300,000 home and leaving $48,000 on the table.

Did you know that Buyers learn of a home as follows:

    40% Internet(88% start process online)
    35% Agent/Realtor
    11% Sign in Yard
      4% Home Builder--New Home Sites
      6% Neighbor/Friend/Neighbor of Seller
      3% Print advertising
      2% Seller

As you can see, Realtor advertising, online presence, networking brings the buyers!!!  A very low percentage learn of a house directly from a seller.  

Knowing the market place and helping Sellers establish competitive sale prices ensures the house is prepare to match Buyers' expectations when drawn to a given house.

Thus, sellers should be very wary of losing money believing they will be saving money.  For example, languishing on the market due to overpricing can cost an individual with a $2000 house payment to loose $8000 or $10,000 of house payments that can be avoided through proper property pricing.

No one wants to waste money!!!

Remember to get to "Sold"    Call a Realtor!!

In Hampton Roads, you can call me at 757 580-6546 
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