Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why Buyer Representation?

Why Buyer Representation?

Home buying can be a stressful time for First Time Home Buyers.  And the very experienced Home Buyer, also.

Locating the right house in the best neighborhood or location as relates to a myriad of family needs:  schools, work drive time, proximity to mall/shopping or distances to medical services, can be a challenge even in the light of modern technologies.  But then there is getting the "price" or good value you that a buyer seeks.

Though mobile applications, including Rose & Womble's and my website's mobile apps,can show the homes and prices of nearby homes for sale, they are useless if you aren't in the neighborhood!!  So finding the neighborhoods that have a semblance of what a buyer seeks become the first objective.  Utilizing Zillow, Trulia or a host of other websites to find a home in Chesapeake from $200,000 to $250,000, a buyer finds a bevy of homes but is unaware that a number(usually the favorites) have already sold.  Though using technology to begin one's home search is very valuable to the learning curve, Buyer Representation is essential to the buying process.  Ensure you an Accredited Buyer Representative to work for YOU!

Why an Accredited Buyer Representative?

Any Realtor can provide you buyer representation, but I highly recommend that a buyer works with an Accredited Buyer Representative, as noted by the ABR designation for a couple of reasons:

       1. Attain the Designation via Extensive Training in Buyer Agency practices and procedures
       2. Passed a Written National Exam
       3. Has significant actual practical experience as a Buyers Representative.

As in all fields, training and experience are invaluable and irreplaceable.

As an Accredited Buyer Representative, I am committed to serve a buyer's specific needs, keep them informed during the entire buying process and by the buyer's side throughout the entire transaction.
As an Accredited Buyer Representative, I

*  Serve as a Real Estate Advisor

* Provide the buyer with pertinent information about the
                                                                               buying process

* Locate the properties that meets a given buyer's specific needs

*Proved up-to-minute market data to help the buyer establish a fair offering price when submitting the contract

*Negotiate the intricate details of the contract, such as terms, conditions, appraisals, inspections and closing
   date time frames

*Ease the buying process by providing profession counsel and advise, answering any or all questions.
   Knowledge is power in the home buying process

*Maintain confidentiality of all financial and personal data

* Disclose all know material fact related to the property or the sales transaction, except were prohibited by

Cost to buyer to get ABR representation? 


So why would any one buy a home without professional representation?
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