Friday, November 1, 2013

Empty Nesters: Leave me Alone


Think baby boomer parents are depressed because the children have flown the nest? Hardly

Senior homeowners aren't missing going to PTA meetings, trying to keep teenagers fed or staying home with the kids. Instead, empty nesters say they're too busy enjoying better social lives, travel and their financial freedom to want the children to move back in, according to a Del Webb survey of baby boomers.

Nine out of 10 empty nesters whose children have permanently moved out of the home said they're happy and looking forward to more social and personal time now that the children are gone. 

Among the reasons they're happier to be living alone:

  • Having more personal time (95 percent)
  • Lower grocery bills and fewer expenses (91 percent)
  • Spending more time with their significant other or dating (85 percent)
  • Going on a dream vacation (80 percent)
  • Socializing with friends (80 percent)
  • No longer attending school-related functions (68 percent)

Lend A Hand, Not A Room
The empty nesters surveyed were asked what they would rather do if their adult child was facing a hard time with finances ? help support them financially or allow them to move back home.  

The answer was clear: 68 percent said they'd lend their child financial support rather than allowing them to move back home. 

Maybe that's because 70 percent revealed they've turned their child's room into another room for personal use, including 34 percent as a guest room; 14 percent as an office; 4 percent as a media room and 2 percent as a storage/junk room. 

How do you feel about it?  Agree? 

        I know I do!

(article courtesy of Al Clark HomeAction)
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