Thursday, November 14, 2013

October 2013 Sales Soar

       Fall Sales Soar!

As Fall 2013 unfolds, home sales in Hampton Roads continue to improve.  Overall, the housing market is in a traditionally strong position.  Homes in all, but the highest price ranges, are selling, on average in under 6 months. 

Homes under $350,000 are trending the best.  In Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, homes under $350,000 typically are sold within three months of the date listed.  This is sign of a very healthy market for modest priced homes.

Homes selling under 6 months are in a "Balanced Market" with low/modest price appreciation but sound buyer activity.  Under 3 months, price appreciation is the norm as buyers out number the homes available.

Below find data compiled by Rose & Womble Realty to provide a succinct statement of the market.

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