Monday, December 16, 2013

Good News for the Economy = Bad News for Rates

                       When Bad News is the Good News

Though the stock market took a breather last week for fear the FED would increase rates, the market rebound today(at least at 1:58 pm the Dow up 121 and S&P almost 13 points). 

As noted in the Keeping Matter Current blog from late last week, the improving economic results of our strengthening economy will pressure rates to rise.  Improved home values, reduced distressed sales and improving sales(seasonally adjusted) are real estate facts that are signal the improving market.

Thus, as you read this update, don't panic.   Rates are expected to rise but not rapidly(as best as any one can tell).  

So enjoy your new job, the rise in your 401K and improved house value!!!

Good News for the Economy = Bad News for Rates
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