Friday, December 13, 2013

Keeping Debt Collectors Under Control

                              Report The Debt Collector

Do you have a collection on your credit report that has been long paid off?  Being harassed by a debt collector?    

Want to know how to handle a debt collector?

You need to read the attached article from Al Clark.

It addresses the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) efforts to control unruly debt collection activity.This board was set up as part of Dodd law that was enacted in response to financial meltdown in 2008.
You are invited to contact the CFPB regarding the issues you presently have or to provide feedback on the interactions that you have had with such companies whether in clearing a item on a credit report or simply paying money owed.

Debt Collectors.....Control Coming?

This is a very important topic for any one seeking to move to a larger or smaller home or simply buy or rent a house.   Collections always play havoc with an individuals desire to get a mortgage....even if they have had a mortgage for years and paid regularly.   

Collections indicate an unwillingness to pay a bill or simply the inability to pay a loan on time.
And when parlayed into the credit report, such collections, old or present, pull down one's credit score.

Now is the time to address the issues.  Whether allowing the CFPB know your experiences/headaches or addressing present issue on your personal credit score, you will help both yourself personally to get the home loan or car loan you need or help another get the support they need to have Debt Collectors to not unfairly weigh on one's need to attain credit.

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