Saturday, December 7, 2013

Transform that Nasty Garage!!!

Making Lemonade from Lemons

So did I insult you by terming your nasty old garage stacked to the ceiling with junk that long needed to be thrown out??

Your car or truck hasn't seen the inside of the garage for years.  Perhaps you squeeze through the boxes to grab the mower or snow shovel at the front for easy access(and not to be lost in the rest of the stuff).

I may have way overstated the condition of your garage. Your situation could be much better.  Yet, even though you may park both cars( or more if you have three car or more garage) inside as I do, you may wonder about if that garage could be more usable.

Though I get through many homes, I see very few garages converted to much more than a extra office, bedroom or storage area.  Occasionally, I see a nice pool room or such.

Yet click that link below and you will see some really nifty ideas to make the garage a value added addition to your life.

Garage Conversions to Die For!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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