Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Weekly Article - Refined Dining || Home By Design

Refined Dining
For Your Next Home

Frequently, I love to post articles I get from my subscription to Home By Design.  This magazine has some very nice upscale ideas on home design that get us all dreaming.

Yet, I often see in comments a concern that "my house can't accomodate that".   I understand.  These design ideas definitely come from an individual's or a family's resolve to update or change their home.   

Looking in their window, we all get a glimpse of what might could be.   

Think of it this way, if your current home lacks space or character to carry off this Refined Dining example, for instance, that you always can keep this and other ideas in mind for when you buy that next home.

Or be creative, and take bits and pieces that will give your house a touch of "home"!!

New Weekly Article - Refined Dining || Home By Design
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