Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spiffy Furniture

Spiffy Furniture

Have all the ads on "Discount" furniture got you bummed?   Any and every purveyor of furniture is offer "deepest discounts of the season" with no payments for decades.

Yet, you see through the smoke and mirrors!  You know the deep discounts are off a price that you never ever would have dreamed to pay for that sette or dresser.   The no payments can look good except for some day you have to pay the piper....and the piper will charge you some outrageous interest rates should you miss the date due your busy busy life.

But what if you could get "new" furniture without buying it??    What you don't think it is possible that a drap old hutch can have a modern flair?  Not watching HGTV or checking out Pininterest?

Seriously, with a bit of elbow grease, time and effort, you can bring life back to any drap furniture in the house.

Better Homes & Garden provides tips via the linked article here:

May you save thousands and get
many smiles courtesy
of your handiwork!!!!!!
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