Saturday, February 15, 2014

Buyer Preparation

Buyer Preparation

Every buyer's needs are different.   Age, family size, savings, income, school needs and a variety of similar factors that are different for every individual will make the home desired different from one person to another.

Yet, the preparation required to successfully move from a rental to a first time purchase or from one home to another is the same for every buyer.   Though the steps be the same, the time require to go from thinking of buying to closing on a new home can vary widely.

Financial factors or present housing factors are most common elements to extend the time frame to purchasing a home. Regardless, of such factors, these are the key steps for every buyer to prep for a new home:

        1. Identify characteristics of home desired.  Be specific
            on beds and baths needed, size range and areas
            of town desired. 

        2. Evaluate finaces: What is the maximum housing 
            cost that fits your budget?  What funds for
            down payment are available?  For repairs, if
            home needs repairs?

        3. Evaluate areas for home purchase by accessing 
            School websites, Crime Stats websites, City
   you know the web can provide lots
             of good data.  Be wary though and read with a 
             critical eye.

        4.  Evaluate your personal interest and capability to  do
             home improvements as well as having the time to 
             complete any repairs to make a select house a home.

        5.  Contact a Realtor to learn about the home buying process
             in your area.  Discuss home desired and data collected
             to verify accuracy of perceptions.

        6.  Seek a Realtor that will provide immediate information on
             presently available homes and on homes yet to be listed.
             (Note: Truila, Zillow and like websites are great to begin
                 your search but a Realtor can provide the immediacy
                 of home availability that websites can not.)

        7.  Meet with a Mortgage Office and attain pre-approval letter
             for value of home you wish to purchase. 
             Note:  Essential to provide all financial data in timely 
             Hint:  Realtor should be able to refer you to Mortgage
                      Officer that will be helpful whether able to buy
                       now or needs to work with you over time to
                       be ready to be financially ready.

        8.  Drive by homes immediately upon receiving homes from
              your Realtor that have caught your interest.  Evaluate
              neighborhood, distance to work and other factors 
              important to you.   Always provide feedback to Realtor.

        9.    Evaluate times of day to search for homes and determine
               flexibility to alter work/personal schedule during home
               search process 

Now you are ready to begin your home search in earnest!  All is needed then is the right home at the right price in the right location
to come on the market and for you to buy!!!

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