Tuesday, March 18, 2014

High Rise Living


                                                                   City Life

 Ready to move up in the world?

 In many large metro areas, the down town boasts a living style not common to the outlying suburbs.   Mass Transit and walking becomes the most common modes of transportation while an cars set in parking garages(if available at all) awaiting weekend excursions.

Many metro areas now have bicycle and car sharing ventures to provide transportation to those who wish to brave the busy streets of the down town area.  Or as many of the users of these services note, a person, that due to city life, only needs a bike or a car for a venture to a doctor or a business appointment outside the down town are or across town where public transit is not the best option.

With all the amenities of life close by, housing stock tends to be apartment buildings, condos or row house/ town house stock.
Home By Design address the upscale living in the High Rise condo/apartment building in this week's special edition.

So if you are looking to update your place or simply wonder what it would be like to live the High Rise life, click below and enjoy!

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