Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Best Trees for Your Yard

                                      Arbor Day Remembered

     With April almost out of here, Arbor Day has occured in most states.  But did you plant a tree?

One of the best ways to beautify a home's landscape and to add to the home's value, is to plan a tree.  Now we all know there are nuisance trees that drop gum balls, huge seed pods or branches during every stiff breeze.  We shiver at the thought of such trees as the work grows expodentially as the tree grows.

Yet, there are some trees that are a pleasure for the home owner.
Beautiful color and graceful lines add texture and beauty to even yards that are only a green carpet.

You will want to click below and see the wonderful trees that will give you tons of joy!

courtesy of HouseLogic Enewsletter
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