Wednesday, June 25, 2014

All About the Porch

Keeping It Simple

  Whether you have been living in a house for years or looking to move, the front porch says so much about a home.

Dowdy dim lighting, peeling paint and broken steps basically shout "KEEP OUT".   For some readers, that may be exactly how they feel.  Good way to keep those pesky Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts away...wouldn't want to buy any Thin Mints!!  And a good way to keep away neighbors and visitors.   But that could be some one's wishes.

For those home owners that are less anti-social, an attractive porch is key to ensure passing pedestrians and car occupants feel good about the home owners' house.  It also ensure friends, family and, yes even the Boy Scouts, feel welcomed at your home.

When ready to sell, a well appointed porch can really draw the new home buyer.   A lovely porch can make a house feel like "this could be a home for me".

Better Homes and Garden is always a good source for hints on how to improve one's home.  The link below shares the means to
perk up a dowdy front porch!

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