Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Truth About Maintaining Your Deck

The Ugly Truth

Imagine your joy when your new deck is complete.  You imagine years of enjoying cookouts, family gatherings or partying with all your friends among many possible activities to be hosted.

Then the a truth sets in:  the deck has to be maintained!!! 
               Then  the UGLY TRUTH sets in:
                     The deck must be stained 

As you can see below, there are various stains that can be used.  This information is courtesy of Al Clark's HomeAction Newsletter.

It is missing one new entry in the fray of deck maintenance. Rust-Oleum Solid Exterior Stain that is warranted to last 10 years.  This product is definitely pricier and requires two coats.  I have seen it at Lowes but may be found in other stores.  

Happy Cleaning and Restaining the deck this summer!!!


These Deck Stains Last The Longest

It's ironic that a wooden deck, symbolic of leisure time, often requires much more upkeep than other parts of the home exterior.

By applying the right type of stain to your deck, and the right brand of product, you can stretch out the staining cycle and save yourself lots of work in the process.

To help your deck deal with the stress of sun, rain, wind and inclement weather, protect it as much as possible:
  • Top quality clear coating provides protection, but has to be applied every year.
  • Pigmented stains impart color and prolong the life of the stain.
Pigmented stains come in two types and, here again, you have a choice:
  • Semi-transparent stains permit the wood's grain and texture to show. You have to reapply them every 18 months or so.
  • Solid-color stains show the wood's texture but not the grain. They can last three to five years.
Quality Counts

How can you spot the best quality deck stain among the many products on your retailer's shelves?

First, zero in on water-based stains made with 100 percent acrylic binder. These stains are extremely tough and durable, so they'll last longer than run-of-the-mill coating. Many even contain special ingredients that help prevent unsightly mildew from forming.

Paint Quality Institute studies show that some top quality 100 percent acrylic coatings outperform the others - providing the most durable, longest-lasting protection for wood decks.

These "super-durable" deck stains include:
  • Ace Wood Royal? and
  • Behr Premium? Weather Proofing
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