Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Were Has July Gone?

Where did July

  Though I spent the 4th of July at Town Center Norfolk for the fireworks display and an awesome band, Strictly Business, I don't know where July went.   

           You didn't hijack a couple of weeks from 
my sellers, my buyers and me, did you?

July often can be the doldrums in real estate sales after a heady April through June push.  Yet, don't fall asleep at the wheel, 2014 looks to be a market beater with both buyers and sellers coming out strong.    Negotiating contracts on listed homes, listing new homes and writing contracts for buyers!

With interest rates under 4.5%, you should expect buyers to be beating down sellers doors until December!!!

Don't let August fly by also!!  School is coming!!
Beat the rush...Act NOW.  

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