Monday, August 18, 2014

Color Shy????

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"Fearless Color" is the title of this week's special Home By Design article that I share with you.  Fearless??  So often we live in fear of the unknown or of doing something that just may stand out from the crowd.

Designer, Hilary Unger, found a couple with 5500 sq.ft. that was a blank canvas and a real desire for color in the space.   As you read, you will note color wasn't used from color's sake but to align areas and to flow the palate through this Manhattan condo.

A segment of the article provides a sample of this design:

"The living room and dining room flow together with ease, and neutral walls allow colorful upholstery, artwork, and case goods to shine. A special artifact for the owners—singer Madonna’s first keyboard—holds a place of honor and is flanked by a simple chair and two ornate candlesticks. A faux embossed leather coffee table centers the main seating arrangement, and the persimmon colored chairs from the foyer appear here, too.

No doubt the help of a designer is very valuable to take a concept into a reality that has a cohesive sense throughout the space.  A great lesson shown in this article is the essential element of establishing a design for the entire area.

Whether completing the entire design today or tomorrow, the concept has been established and can be carried through out a house, condo or an apartment.

By simply noting the details of Hilary's design, one can learn that adding a given piece to a room will tie that room to another.  Thus, you or I can carry a design with a simple change or a total
remodel of a room.

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