Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ready for Labor Day???

Ready for
Labor Day Weekend??

Only a week away is the official end of summer!!  Though school is in some areas of the country, Labor Day will be a clear signal to school area children that Summer is history to all children in Hampton Roads and any place else where school days are in the future in 2014.

Yet, Labor Day and more precisely, the long Labor Day weekend will always involve last minute trips to historical sites or amusement parks.  Many family reunions and neighborhood
gatherings will undoubtedly be happening throughout the country.

For everyone but Mom or at least the chef of the family, the reunions and gatherings are a "show up and have fun" time.
Why not corn hole, softball or football games tend to happen so we can strain a muscle before or after lunch.  Perhaps the site of the event may even have a swimming pool that may make it tough for someone to get us out of there for lunch.

Yet for that special one in the family that must decide on what to bring.  The potluck meal can bring a bit of stress.  Who wants to bring the same dish as Aunt Harriet or Cousin Aretha??  Maybe the unconscionable error no one wants to make is to bring a failed recipe for a second time(been there and seen that)....not a very good thing to happen.

So here is a bit of help!!  Better Homes & Gardens 
has really done a great job of putting together 27 recipes that could be your salvation this Labor Day. With 27 dishes from barbacue chicken to a torte to potato salad, there is bound to be a recipe that will tickle your taste buds and be a pleasant change in the typical Labor Day meal.

Click, read and prepare:

 Pot Luck Dishes: Impress Your Family and Friends

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