Thursday, August 21, 2014

Save on Repairs

Just received this very helpful, "save some money" email from 
Al Clark.  

To me, it is a must share!  Why spend money when a simple action will resolve the problem.

Yet, if you try some of the hints noted in this article or by clicking on The Family Handyman link, do call me!

I have great, reliable and cost effective appliance and HVAC  
contractors that can resolve what you can't.   If replacing the appliances is the final answer, we can discuss the impact of the new appliances on the value of your home and type/quality that might
help or hurt the value of your home.

Read and enjoy!!!  Call me at 757 580-6546 anytime!

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These 3 No-Brainer Appliance Fixes Can Save You $$$

When your home appliances stop working, your first instinct may be to pick up the phone and call a repair company. But you can potentially save a great deal of money if you first try these no-brainer appliance fixes, says The Family Handyman
Here are three I thought were really good:
Check for clogged coils: Refrigerator stopped working on a particularly hot day? Have pets?
Check your coils (black tube-and-wire grid that cools the fluid in your refrigerator’s compressor) to see if they’re clogged with cat or dog hair. 
This issue makes up about half of all service calls for refrigerator repairmen, but it’s easily avoidable if you clear out the fur and give your fridge some time to start up again!

Manage your AC fuses: If your central AC’s not running properly, DON’T turn it on and off in rapid succession—you’re likely to blow a fuse, or shut off your circuit breaker. 
The issue could be as simple as your thermostat saying “No,” or you might have signed up for a cost discount with your electric company in exchange for limited air conditioning during high-demand periods. 
Call the utility company to see if you’re enrolled in a power-saving program. 
If that’s not the problem, watch this YouTube video on changing AC fuses  then bring your fuse block to the local hardware store to see if it needs replacing.

Clean your igniters: Stove not lighting? The culprit is more likely to be dried up spaghetti sauce than a serious electrical problem. 
Try using an old toothbrush to clean up food spills around the igniter before calling in a pricy professional.
Have Other Appliance Problems?
Download the Family Handyman’s DIY Tip Genius app from iTunes .
If those tips don’t resolve the problem, contact me. I can help you find a good appliance repair company. Or, if you have to buy a new appliance, we can talk about what’s good for resale.

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