Monday, August 4, 2014

The Importance of Using an Agent when Selling Your Home

Getting the Important Stuff

Since the real estate debacle in 2008, the question "Why use a Realtor" to sell a home has just not been
a question asked in conversations with sellers, potential sellers or just friends and past clients.  The tough heavy short sale and foreclosure climate of those years had any home owner needing to sell anxious to seek out a Realtor to navigate those tough waters.

As the market has now improved, the "Why" question is again being asked.  This article attached below from a well respected source, Keeping Current Matters, really speaks to the "Why" in any market.

The high percentage of buyers noted looking online have high demands:  easy access and picture, pictures, pictures.   With the many portals that share available homes like Zillow, and Truila(there are hundreds), it is crucial that a seller's home is present on any one of these sites and preferably numerous websites.  One never knows which website a buyer may look at a home.   We all must realize that a good number of the home buyers don't even live in the States.

Add to this that home buyers reach out to a Realtor very frequently to learn more about a house, the city, neighborhood and much more as the home buyer becomes ready to purchase a home.  As is common with all of us when involved in an infrequent event, home buyers seek out advice, information and knowledge.  The seek a Realtor's help with the buying process, finding mortgage options, school information and so much more.

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