Friday, August 8, 2014

Wood Walls--No Paneling Allowed!!!!

Wood Returns

Once upon a time, in the 50s, 60s and 70s, wood walls, namely, paneling, was the rage and found in Family Rooms if not the total home.

Any Realtor will tell you that paneling, especially the cheap pine and composite paneling, is so unwanted by home buyers and home owners.   Have you painted your paneling yet?

Painting the panelling  can give it new life for a few years.  Yet, the present home owner or the next buyer will tear out the wood walls in favor of drywall.

So what is that makes a designer, home builder or home owner willing to entertain wood walls in 2014???  Simple, it isn't panelling!!!

Rather the present move to wood walls is more of a reflection of imitating the class found in high end homes or executive mansions of old.  The wood walls seen in Dowton Abbey or in the Biltmore Mansion are classic walnut or oak wall panels with beautiful texture and detailing.

As noted in this article from Better Homes and Garden, that is exactly what we are talking about.  Perhaps not the inches thick wood of an age gone past for those with enormous wealth and/or position. Yet, wood that would be truly eye appealing in your home.

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