Monday, September 29, 2014

Why Chesapeake?

Why Chesapeake?

In working with buyers, it isn't unusual for relocating buyers to understand the advantages of living in Chesapeake versus the other cities in Hampton Roads.

Chesapeake boast an active but laid back suburban feel that is common to many major markets.   Though Chesapeake lacks the vibrancy of the Virginia Beach Ocean Front, Chesapeake boasts many fine neighborhoods with large lots and executive homes mixed with modest priced homes, townhomes and condos.  Without a doubt, single family housing is predominant in Chesapeake.
It is the city that "you come home to after a long day's work".

But you rarely stay home, if you have kids or desire physical activity!!   A host of baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball teams, traveling teams and school teams will keep the kids busy every night if you want it so.  Then the numerous bike clubs that fill the roads with serious bicyclists every Saturday morning(I am sure they are out daily!!).  

With quiet streets and winding neighborhood baths, runners and walkers are very common each morning and evening.  Even some very hardy people can be seen during the middle of the day!!
I will stick to the mornings.

Without doubt, the fine Chesapeake Schools are another key advantage of living in Chesapeake.  Always enjoying a high number of schools meeting state accredidation and always being a top performer in students graduating on time and those going on to post high school education attest to the quality of the schools.  Yet, the Special Needs Programs, Music Programs, Sport Programs and numerous clubs ensure the educational programs meets varied student needs.  An extensive Adult and Continuing Education programs allows adult to get GEDs or to simple explore a topic of interest!

Though very much a bedroom community, Chesapeake doesn't lack for places to shop and to eat!  With two major Mall/Shopping districts, Greenbrier Mall area in Central Chesapeake and Chesapeake Square Mall area in Western Branch Chesapeake have all the major players.  But add a host of Wal-Marts, Targets, Bed Bath & Beyonds, ect and one never has trouble finding needed item.

Add hundreds(so it seems) of strip centers and a host of stand alone businesses, no one drives far to get a prescription, a hair cut or to fill up the car.   

Though fine dining may be less available in Chesapeake, numerous local venues like Courthouse Cafe, Chesapeake Pizza and Andrea's Italian Restaurant and those special new or newer places like Broken Egg(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner) in Greenbriar along with a host of national chain restaurants makes meals at home optional.

And this is only a short list of "Why Chesapeake"!!  

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