Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Making the House Yours!

Making The House

Frequently, home buyers will love a house's bones but the finishing of a given house will be quite the turnoff.   I have found that even if the location, style and structural elements of the house are satisfactory or even fit the buyer's needs/demands to the "T" that many buyers wish to continue to tour homes.

Though having the "vision" to see what a house could be can at times take quite the imagination, often coat of paint or new flooring type or style will make the house just right.  

Part of making a house a home will entail exactly the changes the buyer might need to make to have the home acceptable.  Any home owner, including myself, knows it is one of the greates feelings in the world when that house with ugly green tile in the bathroom or hideous carpet has been replace with the color palate and styles that were to the home owner's liking.

And the funniest thing of the whole process is what makes a home for one person may never make it a home for the next person purchasing the house.

So, when you are out house shopping, don't give the current "appearance" of the house any consideration!!!  You will change it anyway to something that someone buying the house later won't like!!!!!!!!!

You will see an example of this in the attached Home by Design article.  A family buying a house in Seattle didn't like the kitchen island.  But they had the vision to see beyond this obstacle to the house they loved!

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