Sunday, November 16, 2014

Have a Dream of being on Shark Tank??????

Making Your Dreams 
Come True
For Less

With 2015 quick approaching, many of you may be seriously considering leaving your present job to pursue your dream business.
New years and new business tend to coincide as the "newness" of possibilities seem endless.

Owning my own business as a Realtor, I know a bit about the dream.  It really can be all that you can imagine.  Yet, as this article discusses, you have to be aware that it costs to start any business.

Though it may seem insurmountable to know what the costs could be, this beginning observation may be the key to your success:

"But with a bit of research, advance planning, and savvy decision making, you can launch your business on a shoestring. Here’s how to start acting like a frugal entrepreneur to trim costs, spend smart, and start your new company on a budget you can actually afford".

A Shoestring Startup may not be a hundred dollar startup.  Yet with research, planning and savvy decision making, one may save hundreds or thousands of dollars and have spent the money spent in the best way possible to get the business of the ground.

I can tell you it is possible as I have been very successful.  Yet with all the planning, research and "savvy" thinking there is, you will find challenges, places you spent money that did nothing to improve the bottom line and fail miserably on a given day perhaps. 

But that is were the joy of owning your own business comes: you can only blame yourself!   And the blaming must be cursory as you focus on the lesson learned and the means to go forward.   

Getting knocked down never is the reason a business closes.                                The failure to get back up is!!!

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