Saturday, December 6, 2014

Greece for the Holidays

Traveling at Christmas?

I don't know about you.   I love to travel.  In fact, a recent email from Collette Tours noting itineraries for Australia, Europe, British Isles and other designations caused me to pause.

Though I love these United States and have traveled to many states on vacation or business, I find it always interesting to see parts of the world so foreign to our way of life.   There is nothing like being immersed in another culture for a few days or weeks.

Home By Design wrote on a Greece's Tino Islands.  Never heard of the Tino Island.  Perhaps I am nieve.  Yet, this article notes a lovely home created with the elements of the island and the trueness to the natural landscape.  Though these home owners are escaping the busy Athens life style by building on  the edge of the seventeenth-century village of Berdemiaros, having falling in love with views of natural landscape and the solid blue Agean Sea, doesn't that just make you wonder what you are missing by not visiting Tino Island?  Or perhaps Greece?

Imagine getting away this Christmas to share the beauty described here!

2015 could only be better for it!

                             Home Away from Home 
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