Monday, January 26, 2015

Why Hire A Realtor??


With the Spring home buying/selling season fast approaching, those seeking to buy or sell will begin to think about this process.

Keeping Current Matters, a company providing some excellent information tools, recently posted a blog(linked below) noting 5 reasons to hire a Real Estate Professional.

This is a common question : Do I need a real estate agent?"  This can be especially true from the seller's standpoint as there is that "dreaded commission" that must be paid.  

This article does address this question well as it hits 5 points that must be considered.

But there is a more basic question to ask when considering getting assistance to buy or sell real estate.  Not all real estate agents are the same.  

Many real estate agents are like me that are proud to say "I Am One".  That is, I am a Realtor.   Realtors are real estate agents that below to not only the National Association of Realtors but also to both State and Local Boards of Realtors.

In addition, a Realtor has sworn to upfold the Code of Ethics established to hold Realtors to a higher standard of professionalism and ethical behavior.   Realtors commit to providing the public the highest level of service.

This combination of Code of Ethic standards and association membership provides the public the dual benefit of real estate agents that are committed to a higher standard and a mechanism to address behavior of Realtors not meeting this higher standard.

Now is the time to sell or buy as rates are awesome and prices still very good.  Call a Realtor Today:  757 580-6546

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