Friday, April 3, 2015

Chesapeake Real Estate: Clean Modern Update with a Classic Touch

Making the House a 

In real estate, it is never just about the home sale.  Real Estate involves everything from location, location, location...did I say "Location" what one does with that right house in the right location(there's that word again).

So whether a Starter home or a custom Executive home, the style of the last owner may not be your style.  Not surprising!!  Hard to imagine any two people having the exact same taste in furniture, flooring or even miscellaneous bric brac.

Thus my love for Home By Design magazine, almost weekly it updates my clients with a great "look" for a living room or bedroom that they may just want to implement.

This week's is a Classic touch on a Clean Modern look.  Click below and see if it what you needed to find!!

Happy Easter!!!!
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