Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chesapeake Real Estate: Enjoy Your Garden Spaces

Enjoying your Summer Outside

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Home By Design hit its stride again with a wonderful article creating wonderful outside spaces.

If you are a fan like me of English Literature, gardens are always key scenes in most English novels and stories.   Lovers meet in behind the thick hedges of the maze.    Conspiring dukes discuss the plot sitting at a table in a courtyard surrounded by roses.  And on and on.

Though I never really thought of these stories talking about an assortment of “rooms” around the castle or manor house, I did get the very real picture of how room like the gardens were when visiting England a number of years back.  You could leave a house or castle and find oneself in endless gardens with this sitting area with rod iron table and chairs set among lush blooming bushes and this high stone walled game room where horse shoes or shuffleboard or badmitten/tennis was set up before coming to maybe a rose garden with benches set here and there were lovers might have stole a moment alone.


Home By Design recaptures this ageless idea in this article termed “Garden Rooms”.  Click the link below to explore what you can do to enjoy your summer outdoors!!

                                                                    Garden Rooms

Chesapeake Real Estate: Enjoy Your Garden Spaces
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