Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chesapeake Real Estate: Money Club Anyone??

Dollars and Sense

Is Priceless

No doubt you can tell as you read my posts that I am a fan of my membership with Home By Design.  My special clients receive the magazine monthly and my readers see regular articles from this publication.

The great data on home style, trends in hot recipes and destinations really hits the mark every time.   For the first time in awhile, the weekly article address a practical matter of “Dollars and Sense”.

As a regular reader, you know that dollars and sense is not always the key worry as articles frequently detail high end finishes to remodeled rooms and renovated homes in some very exotic locations.  We Love To Dream!!

But in the article attached below. Homes by Designs shares an old but valuable idea:  Start a money club.

To attain many goals in life like a new home, relocating to a new town or retiring, one needs money.   As the article discusses, financial understanding and new learning can be gained by gathering willing members together to discuss financial matters.

No pre-requisites are set.  Rather gathering friends, co-workers and neighbors to share frustrations, successes and learned wisdom can be a great way to raise every one’s financial understanding and position.

As noted, be aware:  if you start the club, you just may be the leader!!!

But don’t let that put you off!!  Setting time aside to consider your own financial situation and evaluate/learn others financial situation, knowledge, and experience could be invaluable to meet valuable goals.

Goal that can include buying your 1st home, moving to a larger home or planning the vacation you so richly deserve.

                                                                                       Click below and read!

Dollars and Sense


Chesapeake Real Estate: Money Club Anyone??
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