Monday, June 15, 2015

Chesapeake Real Estate: Protecting Our Waterways

Natural Planting to aid our Waterways

All of Hampton Roads is well drained by numerous creeks, rivers and even canals that criss cross the area.  One need not drive far without crossing a bridge or tranversing a tunnel.

As it were, all these estuaries drain into the Chesapeake Bay.   Thus, the Chesapeake Bay preservation efforts are extensive and have been in place for many years.  Annual “Clean the Bay” events are held and regular reports on the health of the water, crab and fish populations are shared.

Many Chesapeake home owners have property adjacent to Deep Creek, Elizabeth River, Cooper’s Ditch, Pagan Creek and many other such creeks and waterways.   They aren’t alone as every city in Hampton Roads including Virginia Beach, Hampton, Norfolk and Portsmouth have homes lining many of the same waterways due to the close proximity of these adjacent towns.

Knowing that a continue effort of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation organization has been to reduce fertilizer and other man made chemicals/toxins flowing into the Bay, I was pleased to see this article from Home By Design discussing landscaping utilizing plantings to aid our water ways.

Click and read!!  It is excellent help!

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Chesapeake Real Estate: Protecting Our Waterways
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