Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where are We at....Time to Buy or Sell..Time to Stand Still??

We seem to be in uncertain times:

        The Negative

    *  Stock Market continues to be unsteady
    *  Crazy bonuses for Banks that had a wonderful year while many still are unemployed.
    *  Congress can't decide if we need healthcare reformed..really..or agreed to simply talk about it with all
            our best interests at heart.
    *  Oil prices are in the $70/barrell range but our fuel price remain high.
    *  New Home starts(builder and banks confidence?) are down.
    *  Toyota, a reputable line of automobiles, suddenly can stop and are recalling 100,000s of cars.
    *  Wicked Winter Weather threatened citrus fruits and like in Florida and shut down major metro area
            in Northeast(perhaps you are still digging out!)
    *  Haiti gets clobbered by a earthquake causing dire straights for an entire population of poor people.

         The Positive
    *  Banks are beginning to loan again..if your credit shines
    *  New rules for Short Sales that will aid Sellers and Buyers and streamline the process have been
            approved and will go into effect in April.
    *  Toyoto has finally admitted it goofed and working hards to make amends.
    *  Interest Rates stay in 5% rates for home mortgages
    *  $8,000 Tax Credit awaits 1st time Home Buyers
    *  $6,500 Tax Credit awaits Repeat Buyers that have been lived in and owned their present home for
              five of last 8 years.
    *  Foreclosures have moderated(for the time being)
    *  Home Sales have increased in Hampton Roads and in many other markets each month since May 2009
             (January broke the streak but it is normally a weak month as the holidays distract home buyers).
    *  America's generous response to Haiti Relief efforts
    *  New Orleans victory in the Super Bowl(even if a Colts fan):  A game well played that was won by a
            team representing a city that really needed to win one!
So what to make of it all??  It will really depend on a few factors, such as:

     *  Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?
     *  Do you need to retire within 5 years or are retired now?
     *  Do you invest in real estate or are you looking to buy a new home?
     *  Are you employed?
     *  Do you have health care?
     *  Do you want to share with the world what you have?

As your answers could be different from mine or a million other people, only you can determine if this is a great time to stay in the stock market, complain about gas prices and those darn Congressman or to buy an investment property or your new home.

So how do you see it???
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