Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prepping Your Home to Sell

What is one of the secrets of selling a home in today's market???

   It actually isn't a secret.  Yet a key factor in today's market with seemingly unending choices for your prospective buyer is the buyer's first impression of your house.

        Thus, your home's appearance must exceed every other home on the market!!!!!!!!

Is this possible???  Maybe not in reality...but it must be the goal(think how much nicer you will appear than any foreclosure or short sale!)

        Where do you start???

With the basics:



                               Repairs Completed

Let's deal with CLEAN today...

    Start in the kitchen and bathrooms
            (female home buyers will give these rooms the once
               over...wouldn't you?)

         * Check all caulking and mortar around sinks, tubs,
             counters and floors for missing segments
             and/or evident soiled/mold sections--replace as
         * Carpet---Professionally clean or replace.  Stains and
             heavy soiled carpets/rugs tell a "This house ain't
             clean" story to prospective buyers
         *  Hardwood/Tile Floors...see Carpet!
         *  Wash Windows/Caulk/Glaze as needed to look
         *  Examine all doors and walls...are they spotless,
              soiled or damaged?   Clean and repainted as
              needed....Freshly painted rooms and doors is a
              "cheap" way to freshen the house!!!  Stay
    , that doesn't mean white walls!!!
          * Thoroughly dust; clean kitchen cabinets(if wood, be
              sure to brighten with Murphy's Oil or like enhancer)
          * Straighten/Declutter Pantry, Laundry and all closets
              (Imagine your home is Target or other retailer with
                the knack of be always folded, no clutter in the
                aisles and just looking like they just opened 5
                minutes ago.....that's the look you need!!!!)
          * Clean gutters and down spots
          * Mow, rake, mulch, plant new flowers.....a well-
              maintained yard sets the perfect frame for
              a well-maintained house(even if you just got it
              done to sell your house!!!)
Long List????   Well I am sure there are parts or items I missed with keeping this brief!!!

   What have you found that you wish had been clean?

   What have you done to ensure your home was
 "sparkling clean" to stun your buyer????

   Let me know!!!!
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