Thursday, October 21, 2010

Prepping Your House #2

Remember....prepping house includes:




Last time, I discussed "Clean"


If you were by to read the "Clean" post, you will have noted
that DECLUTTER was mentioned.   It was not by mistake as clutter is one of greatest obstacles of cleanliness.

  How much dusting, vacuuming and polishing will make a living room look stunning and clean when the coffee table has this month's magazines and the end table is stuffed with the past 6 months worth and there is a pile of the kid's toys in the corner???? 

Yet, decluttering entails more that get rid of the obvious "I would trip over that pile if isn't move" clutter.  That type of
clutter is easy to identify and, for the willing seller, to be removed with out much instruction.

But what about the clutter difficult to see??   It isn't difficult to is right in front of you!!!!!  It just may not be recognized.

Examples of clutter in easy view would be:

  Bedrooms with full-size bed, two dressers and a desk that
    consume 80% of the room.
  Kitchen counters with blenders, cookie jars, toaster oven,
     ect. hiding your expansive counter space(or limited
     counter space that you can't see right now).
  Bathrooms with perfumes, shampoos, razors, tooth paste ect
     on counters and/or shower
  Disorganized garages(sorry guys.... the mess and 
     mayhem has to go!!!!)
  Kitchen Desks(and other desks) stacked with bills,
     correspondance, pens, glues, ipods ect.
  Family Rooms with Wii consoles, wires and controllers(pick
      your entertainment/video game) strung over the floor or
      dangling from a shelf or with enough furniture to envite
      your office or school over for a football game and feast
      with enough seats for everyone....if they could just figure
      how to get to that chair or that couch.

 Am I being too obvious???  If I am, you probably don't have
 these cluttered rooms!!!!!

                        WE NEED TO TALK!!!

Yeah...I am kidding...but you do need to talk with a staging pro or Realtor well before you list your home.

Buyers love clean and uncluttered dirty up and to fill with clutter.  But it will be their clutter so that okay....they will just read this post a few years later!!

Want to protest????   Couldn't agree more???

    Don't just sit there(I guess you could be standing!!), talk to me and everyone else here!!!!


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