Monday, October 25, 2010

Staging Your Home is Key to Prepping

Prepping your home for sale is key to attaining the very best net return on your home.

As you know, prepping your home has been the topic of recent posts.  Having covered cleanliness, decluttering, we still have repairs to handle in this key area of selling your home.

But let's consider all important "Staging the House"

Frequently, "Staging" must be considered along side repairs as one may impact the other.  A common "repair" that moves into "Staging" relates to the home's curb appeal.

Poorly pointed brick steps with overgrown flower beds/bushes set in a weedy front yard will cause need repairs that will "Stage" the front of the home...make no doubt this is key....just check out or their blog to see how key it is.

In other cases, broken/dirty blinds may be replaced/repaired with soft tan curtain accents and faux wood blinds to accentuate a higher priced listing or another response if the home is modestly priced.

So you can see, you want to get your staging tips along with the repair suggestions. 

A top-notch Realtor will always have the experience to help with both repair and staging suggestions AND THE EXPERTISE TO KNOW WHEN TO A STAGING PRO NEEDS TO GET INVOLVED!!!

Yes, as a Realtor, my suggestions are free.  A top notch staging organization like Xandu will cost for their services....but a home staged properly will always sell faster and for more.  And they do provide the expertise to be successful!!!

How much faster and for how much...depends on the home and the seller's willingness to make his/her home standout?

What have your experiences been with staging???

Questions on "self staging"??? 
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