Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home Inspection Do's and Don'ts

The purchase of a new home is one of life's great joys.  Nothing like making a house a home to cause one a sense of belonging and community.

Yet, no one would like to move into a house to find numerous "surprise" repairs required to make the house liveable or truly enjoyable.  Imagine moving in to find the heat hasn't worked in years or the sinks all leak ruining the cabinets.

To prevent surprises such as these, the Home Inspection is conducted to eliminate such surprises and to apprise a buyer of a home's condition on a given day.  


This inspection should never be negotiated away without serious, very serious consideration.

But there are some simple Do's and Don'ts to ensure your home inspection works to your advantage


Select an ASHI and/or RBC accreditted Home Inspector
Be ready to Hear your Realtor's Home Inspector Recommendations
Understand Inspection is Visual(Extensive and Evasive is very expensive)
Understand the Home Inspector's Report is as of the Day Home is
Understand the Home Inspection does not "Pass or Fail" a home
      but evaluates and reports the condition of the home.
Realize Home Inspector will report simple "honey do" issues and 
      major repair items within the final report.
Conduct Inspection during daylight hours
Be Present for the Inspection
Know Home Inspection will last 2-4 hours


Distract Home Inspector with questions during inspection
Expect Home Inspector to "Guarantee" home is "good"
Alter Home Inspector's flow through home 
Expect all issues noted by Home Inspector to be repaired 
    by Seller....repairs are negotiated between buyer and sell
Ignore Home Inspector if he/she wishes to point out an issue
    or fact about the house's systems/operation.
Expect Air Conditioner(in cold climates) to be operated unless
    Home Inspector believes Temps are warm enough for safe
Bring food and drink without Seller approval
Leave prior to Home Inspection is complete

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